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If this life today is just a party, 
Can we dance all night?
 We can burn our worries 
 Being happy without... 

When the rhythm drives
 the heartbeat in the right direction. 
Music becomes like a drug, 
giving addiction.

 Please deejay, 
don't make me stop 
until the morning rays
 will break our rules.

 We don't need to drink to feel alive. 
The dance gives us a good vibe. 
Hands in the air,
 music helps us to connect our souls 
And be ready to fall in love.

 There is no place of hatred here. 
When our eyes meet each other. 
bodies collide in the light of the reflectors, losing control. 

Everything is under siege of fire, 
I'm starting to burn. 
As an amnesiac, 
I am not affected by things
 from the past. 

I only live this present
 without stressing myself. 
Many people around, 
no one wants to go home. 

This is our party, 
we can do what we want. 
The hours pass,
 the blood still boils in the veins. 
Turn off the light, 
turn up the volume.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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