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We love more after we lose it
 Because when we have,
 We do not offer 
The value it deserves. 

We kiss other lips,
 Embrace other arms 
And after playing 
With the feelings of others, 
We want to go back.

 And you see her with another one, 
Holding her hand, 
She looks much happier 
Than she was before. 

She gave you time 
Not to lose it, 
Not to get lost on other roads 
And then to find her.

 But after you left, 
The void filled with smiles. 
And this time 
It wasn't about 
Giving her your smile. 

You're crying now
 Because you are aware 
That only a miracle
 Could bring her back. 

You only kept 
The memories in mind, 
And you know 
That no one will ever be 
Able to replace her. 

If you love her, 
Let her be happy,
 Even if her shelter
 Will no longer be your arms.

If you really loved her,
 You wouldn't have left her behind. 


  • Jun 20, 2020

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