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Love, hearts, words... 

Love - a word spoken by many,
 But felt by only a few. 
Life - a mixture of events 
That marks our existence, 
About what we really need. 

Hearts- the pieces of souls 
That beat in equal measure. 
Heartbeat often 
Leaves us speechless. 

Words - wounds that heal 
Or wounds that cause other wounds. 
They can be like a 2-edged sword. 

We do not always say to others 
What their ears want to hear,
 Nor do others tell us 
What we want to know. 

Time - can be a friend
 Also an enemy, 
A communication with the past 
Controlled by the winner. 

It means the present moment, 
What we live, 
What we receive
 By giving other our love. 

It means the future, 
Of what may be, 
Of our thoughts directed 
Towards the unknown. 

The darkness - the mantle that covers
 The sadness over the desolate souls.
 The space between the sun
 With the untouchable moon.

 The opposite of light
 and also a little fight. 
Kissing - 2 pairs of lips drinking
 From the same cup of love,
 A mix of pleasure with desire. 
The emotion that wants you alive.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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