It Is Enough? Read Count : 12

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Did I drink enough to tell you
 What I'm thinking about?
 Will you judge me
 And use the words against, 
As a lethal bullet, 
Touching my heart in its fall? 

If love is alcohol, 
Pour it into my veins. 
I want to feel up, untouchable,
 With no one around which can save myself. 

Drink with me, 
Don't tell me no. 
Tonight, I want to feel 
What might be wrong. 

I need the courage 
To leave myself vulnerable
 In the name of the lover,
 Loving for both of us,
 Only with my heart.

 I was hurt
 But you healed me,
 Making much stronger 
Than I was at the beginning. 

You are the man
 Whose soul keeps telling me
 About every beat,
 That resonates in my chest. 

If life with you is a drug, 
Let me be drugged a lifetime. 
If your smile creates addiction, 
I can be your reason for smiling,
 At those who hate people who 
fall in love with each other. 

Your voice is the symphony 
That my heart has learned to dance.
 And l'll be your umbrella, 
If heavy rain falls.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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