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When others don't believe in you, 
You should go ahead. 
Celebrate the loneliness 
And leave them behind. 

When no one makes you smile, 
be your own reason
 To achieve the happiness 
You really needed.

 When you are too nervous, 
Breathe deeply and stay calm.
 Do not let others steal your power,
 Stay away from whom can hurt you again.

 There are many demons 
Wearing an angel mask.
 Pay attention to behavior 
rather than what they are talking about. 

Keep your own faith 
And reach your goal. 
Let your heart fly
 Where no one talks about.

 But we are people 
With different expectations. 
But we can grow 
Only in the place where we belong. 

Sometimes life tastes bitter 
Even you feel like you're stuck 
On a page and you can't move it around. 

But in the end,
 Nothing is as hard as it seems. 
Be your salvation from the begin.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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