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Are you the angel 
Who was sent to rescue me? 
Are you the hand that protects me
 From the hands that want to hit me? 

Angels come from heaven 
to fight with the demons 
Who occupied this earth
 in order to destroy it.

 Lord, forgive me all my sins,
 to become a better soul. 
Give me the power to choose the good
In everything that life
 puts at my disposal. 

Man with gentle words, 
Who are you and what is your purpose? 
Did you appear to heal my wounds 
Or deepen them as the others did? 

What hides behind your image? 
What are your intentions actually?
 I would like to read
 your thoughts through your eyes 
And listen to everything your lips 
are not able to speak. 

We stand face to face, 
Blink rarely because of fear 
That the face of each other 
Can disappear in vain.

 Emotions and pulse increase,
 Shaking the body and making it too vulnerable to fight. 

We dance and the waves of life
 Become stable on common side 
And our arms together 
Become much stronger 

Than they could be separated. 
And the world says it's too 
dangerous to risk,
 But the chance is all we 
have in common. 

Will you be the ramp 
That will lift me above the stars 
When the shy sun joins the darkness? 

You may be another wound
 Or a medicine. 
Maybe you're the man
 I'm waiting for.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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