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We want freedom but we cling
 To things that keep us captive. 
We are waiting for the sun 
But we bring the storm
 to others in return. 

We are afraid to live our life 
and we like to comment 
On what others are doing
 with their own lives. 

We think we are too perfect
 for making mistakes,
 But we always make
 and put them on repeat. 

To feel up, we believe
 That only alcohol can keep us alive. 
And when we wake up from the drink
 All we want is to drink again. 

We want to say a lot, 
But we never find the right words. 
We miss opportunities, chances 
Because one by one are afraid 
about to fall. 

We are afraid to reject 
And accept relationships
 For fear of not ending up alone, 
Being misunderstood.

 We do not want to be hurt 
But hurt others. 
Become selfish 
And insensitive with each other. 

We want everything from others
 But we offer so little in return.
 We label too much by physical appearance 
And too little by the character. 

We expect something different
 But we behave the same with others.
 When we understand that life
 has its own rules
 And that life has the unique
value we are able to give. 

Sometimes the rain is good, 
It washes away many sins. 
Sometimes it is good to fall, 
To find your courage
 to use your wings by own.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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