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Sub Category : Horror
The back rooms are spaces between time and reality, where you can noclip ouside our reality and get stuck in the back rooms were the floor wreaks of wet carpet and every thing is such a dull yellow and the lights just hum, we are the people that dilibretly noclip out of reality and find whats there so far we have found many entities. Some are safe and others live to cause death.we are here to help and save survivors and study entities that are traped in the back rooms.

We have sent the special search force or [SFF] 

Document [001]

(Foot steps on carpet can be heard)

Captain Greene [ Ok lets set up camp right near the entance ]

(Equipment can be heard being shifted and being set up)

It is assumed that every one is setting up entry point and exit.

Over 72 hours have past at this point,

Captain Greene [ok every thing has been set up we have enough food and water to last at least a month (there is a long pause) there are five of us and were practically loaded up to the gills in munitions. (Shuffling can be herd, its presumed that he is moving his sleeping bag around on the floor.) We can start the expedition in the next 14 hours. We plan on mapping the entire thing on a SD card and a gps for future expeditions.)                  [End recording]

Camras are mounted to the vest and guns of the agents to provide the proper amount of data needed

[Start recording]

(Shuffleing is heard as the camera is turned on) <the group is moving through the yellow halls of the backroom and cheacking the corners, the group moves forward and a growl is heard in the distance>

Captain Greene [hold] 

<the group stops> 

Captain Greene [ james, henrey move forward ill move right behind you and the rest of you watch our backs.]

<the group moves forward and move around the corner, a bipedal humanoid is crouched and eating some kind of viscous meat.> 

Captain Greene [Open fire!]

Gunshots can be heard

<the pale creature darts around on the celling and walls harming agent henrey and getting shot in what appears to be the ribcage> 

Captain Greene [hold your fire!] 

(Carpet scraching can loudly be heard) 

Captain Greene [Shit! James get henrey and the rest of you follow that thing, lets get henery back to camp.]

<they pickup the injured agent and the camra cuts to the agents running after the bipedal creature>

Devin [shit come on david we cant let this damn thing escape, we got to kill it]

David [ im running as fast as i can]

<they continue to run, and turn the corner only to find a blank yellow hall, the camra stops and turns left then right then turns back to the other agent>

Devin [damn we lost it we need to get back ill trace our path back to camp with the gps] 

David [ alright we will have to document this when we get back] 

<they reverse the path they ran along and get back to camp>

                                                                [DOCUMENTED CREATURE]

The crawler,

The crawler has almost lost all pigment in the skin, the knee caps also apear to bend completely backwards almost like a grasshoppers. The creature can run at very fast speeds and can crawl on different surffaces, it can slash through 103 centimeter kevlar vest.

One agent has been gravely injured and has been removed for medical assesment and will return in the following month.

End log

Aurthers edit: hey this is getting turned into a book with the same name each chapter will be a log like the one you just read please follow the book for future updates and logs.


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