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Today I break another day of this year.
 Hoping that the next one
 will be more friendly. 

With nostalgia I look back, 
It was a day with many lessons in fact. 

I met new people,
 I lost some.
 I discovered myself through them.

 I had moments when I thought
 I couldn't continue, 
And tears ran down my face 
until they disappeared.

 There were times 
when I was really happy.
 And I wanted to stop those
 moments instead of living them. 

But as nothing goes 
without leaving a trace,
 It was a day with good 
and bad memories in fact. 

I laughed, I cried, I hoped. 
The firecrackers,
 the fireworks burn, 
Leaving the sky brighter. 

This day, now is leaving. 
From next day ,
I have higher expectations. 

So that I can smile more often, 
Meet new people
 and be strong enough
 to overcome any obstacle.

 Let's make a toast, 
we're the winners.
 I wish you at all magical moments, 
To live and collect many memories. Health and lots of love for everyone.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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