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No religion can save me if you,
The only man I trusted, will go. 
No one faith can lift me, if you,
 The only support, will drive me away. 

No one word will take away my wounds, if you, 
The only healer, will not give me support. 

 Nobody else will make me happy, 
If you my only happiness, 
you will be unhappy. 

No touch will allow my skin,
 If I can not feel your fingers
 sliding on my skin.

 I can't want anything else 
Because you are my own happiness. 
No pair of hands around me
 will make my soul vibrate. 
If your hands aren't there to feel me safe.

 No one voice will give me emotions 
If I can't hear your whispers. 
My eyes are not able to see
 other eyes.

 If your eyes cannot meet my eyes. 
No one lip could be
 as sweet as your lip
 that kisses slowly other lip. 

No one will be able to lift me 
from the ground and cast me to heaven,
 Because no one has this power.

 Resuscitate a dream
 and leave my wings clear,
 I want to reach heaven 
beyond the clouds.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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