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My heart screams your name, 
My eyes want to see you up close. 
My lips whisper your name trembling.
 I would like to be yours. 

Time passes against me,
 Like an enemy without mercy. 
The memories shoot my heart
 And leave me breathless. 

We will not meet again
 If we go in different directions. 
And my hopes are falling 
From your refusals.

 I will survive, 
with your memory
 In the pocket that hides my heart. 

There are no measures in love
 And you cannot live 
when you only survive. 

But I always waited for you 
In the same place 
and you never showed up. 

Maybe you forgot to come,
 Maybe you didn't want. 
But in love and in war
 everything is allowed. 

I would like to see you again
 Even if that would destroy me. 

I would like to kiss your forehead. 
With my voice saying your name, 
I would like to see you again one day.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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