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You condemned me to live a life 
without you, 
Without touching your beautiful face
 in the morning. 
A life will be an eternity 
without your feelings. 

With half alive and half in agony, 
I carry you in the blood. 
Too cold to breathe anymore, 
My skin kept traces of your skin. 

Kept in memory, 
even fire could not burn 
everything we lived. 

Too early or too late, 
you never know when it's time to live. 
I wanted to be around you
 but you chose to leave me alone. 

I have the soul of ice 
with the heart of the stone,
 My eyes have no future, 
only your memories behind.

 Left alone with bleeding heart, 
I wonder what happened to us? 
We haven't talked for some time, 
We are just 2 strangers
 with a number in common. 

I'm afraid of what it will be, 
You probably forgot about me.
 I can't control the tears
 that break the floor, 
Slipping away from my disappointments. 

I don't know what's going to happen,
 But I'm not the same anymore. 
I'm missing even
 if I can't change anything about it.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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