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Before the lockdown begins 

we’re outside going to places 

got to hang out with friends, 

saw our loved ones in person 

had watched movies in theaters

everything going very well. 

Why this virus came into our world? 

It’s roll down hill crumble into a big mess 

we begin to be stuck at home 

can’t go back out into our happy world, 

couldn’t see all of our friends can’t see our 

loved one in person, it’s affect our mood swing. 

How could this be happening? 

Everywhere we used to go 

begins to shutting down 

our education is online, 

we still in contact with our friends 

and our loved ones, by texting or by 

video chatting. 

What is happening to our happy place? 

The world war battle destroy some places 

the life we use had begun to be like a wrecking ball, months fly by George Floyd is completely destroyed by the police, we feel quite upset about it. 

When is the virus and the world wars ended? 

We want things go back it's used to be, 

and now we repeat, the same daily routine 

 this was the life inside our home. 

When will our life restart again? 

If our world is virus free 

we can go back, we used to be 

can do the same things before, all 

this had happened this was the life we can’t change be grateful things you already have 

keep that in mind. 


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