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You wrote me a message after so long. 
I felt your absence until I got used to it. 

Tell me about our dreams 
that you were afraid to live, 
Tell me about the thoughts
 that invaded your soul after you left. 

Do you remember our last dance, 
When all the lights were off 
And you promised me
 you wouldn't leave my hand, 
No matter how hard it would be?

 With half injured and half healed, 
My lungs still hold your breathing. 
You ask me what I've done all this time? 

I think I tried to survive. 
Physically I stayed the same, 
But I changed inside
 with every failure received. 

We hurt too much 
to take it all over again. 
Even if you drew me a line
 all over my soul.
 Some things cannot be repaired
 out of the time. 

But I wish you all the best
 to fulfill your promises with someone else. 
I'm sorry it didn't work, 
Maybe we were too different.

 We didn't go in the right direction.
 But I choose to be free, 
Without being emotionally 
dependent on anyone.

 If you're wrong,
 Ask for forgiveness. 
Pride doesn't have to be much
 stronger than the love you live. 

Indifference can hurt.
 And it can no longer be as it once was.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • awesome message to the ex

    Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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