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So, get out of my mind, 
Wipe off my skin, 
Take the memories 
and lies in between. 
I want to live alone forever. 

I get up to dance, 
I don't want stress, 
Life is made to be lived. 

The night struck again,
 No one around. 
But someone
 Is holding my breathing. 

Maybe tomorrow
 Will bring me changes,
 Other perspectives, 
New achievements.

 Now, I want to go back
 to my childhood, 
When all my dreams were true,
 And no one wanted to weigh
 The hours in between.

 We have the clock hanging by the hand,
 But we always waste time 
And postpone moments, 
Until we lose them. 

It is difficult to stop loving someone 
But it is even more difficult
 to light the flame again 
for somebody new. 

I delete all the moments, 
I burn all the kisses from my cold skin,
 I delete your image from my damp eyes, 
I will pretend that my past 
did not bring you to me. 

I had written part of our story 
But I lost my words 
And I can't find a good reason
 to write it again. 

Maybe I have a kind of amnesia.
 'Cause I can no longer find
 A reason to be yours,
While you can't be mine.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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