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I wrote this lil poem for you 
Hoping to Make you smile 
Every second of ur happiness 
Is well worth all the while

You have skills , 
And it clearly shows
You have my body trembling 
From my head to my toes. 

I swear to god, With every touch 
You get me soaking wet
I want to do things with you
That in the morning I regret.

That face u make When I ride your dick
Is burned deep into my mind
I want to express just how good
But the word I just can't find

My intention is to please you
In everyway that I can
Spur of the moment
Or maybe was planned

There isn't anything I won't do
No limits to where I'd go
To show you are my king
And I will never tell you no .


  • Jun 19, 2020

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