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Love changes lives, 
Love builds hearts. 
Love destroys the farthest walls. 

Love is a sun that burns incessantly. 
Your love is the most beautiful thing 
that ever happened to me.

 Between us years pass 
and the feelings grow.
 And the little things 
make me love you more. 

My hands will embrace your body 
and my kiss will handle your face. 
We will count the stars one by one,
 until the day will shine through them.

 I put my head on the same pillow
 to share the same dream. 
I am going to stay to the end, 
please lover, don't give up to me. 

Looking at my eyes, 
you will find the reflection of love. 
Your contagious smile
 accelerates the beating of my soul.

I love you today, 
I will love you more tomorrow. 
You are the soul mate that bites
 with thirst from my little soul. 

Whatever happens, 
you make it count. 
With a kiss on the forehead
 you clear my thoughts. 

The coffee divided into two, 
the kisses offered in a hurry, 
the aroma of soft lips, 
will wipe out any storm from the daily routine. 

Love is the feeling to which 
Two hearts are connected strong.
Loving more and more. 


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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