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How many imperfect moments 
does it cost us, 
To post a perfect moment
 on social networks? 

I sat down on the bench and watched
 2 young people, 
Rushing to use the phone 
to take pictures. 

Before of this,
 they were sad and downcast
 But when they took the picture,
 They seemed the happiest.

 And I wonder, 
why we should create 
a version of ourselves
 that is so fake?

 We smile at the command
 of a phone, a network, 
But we do not connect 
our "bluetooth" soul with them.

 We touch the phone more than we touch the face of a loved one, 
We hold in the hands more the phone
 than the hand of those we are in love.

 We see on the webcam people who are Thousands of kilometers away from us. 
We live more connected to the phone 
than connected to the ground. 

So our memory become the phone gallery.
 We ate something
 and quickly posted on Instagram, 
to see us the poor people,
 Those who have nothing 
to put in their mouths. 

But what if the phone didn't exist? 
How happy would we actually be?
 Who else would we want to impress? 

Could we live in harmony writing letters, 
And not socializing with a lot of people? 
We should be careful not to become robots, 
Without feelings, without tears. 
Being just a puppet driven by the society.

 Set a measure in everything you do, 
Don't become dependent on the things that will disappear. 

I appreciate the smile 
that does not appear in a picture, 
An unpredictable hug, 
A sweet word that remains unwritten. 
I want to see happier people
 without a smart device.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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