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Goodbye, 28! My calendar of life
 Has broken another tab.
 It's been another year, 
Running to my past. 

If I take stock,
 it was a mixed period,
 Between bad and good memories
 Put together.

 But you can learn
 From any experience, 
'Cause you become much stronger
 and wiser.

 I'm alive with my family. 
And that makes me more richer
 than money can make.

 I learned that not everyone 
would do for me, 
What I was willing to do for them. 

And that love often
 cannot provide guarantees.
 I have learned to accept myself as I am, 
And to see the qualities between.

 I have learned that many times 
we have no reason to force time,
 That what is destined to happen, 
will happen anyway. 

I learned that tears 
do not mean weakness,
 Can be just a way to unload your emotions. 

I learned to appreciate
 the little I have 
'Cause there are others
 who have nothing at all. 

Lies always find their way to the truth,
 And the trust is too expensive
 to offer for people who don't deserve it. 

High expectations, sometimes,
 lead to disappointments. 
After a bad day, a good day can start it. 

Just as after the storm the sun appears. Goodbye, 28! 
Thank you for the lessons you gave me, Even though
 I paid with another year of life,
 I'm glad I escaped with life.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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