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We had so many things in common, 
But you gave me no chance. 
Every time I tried to approach,
 You always found a way to reject. 

You invited someone else to dance 
And I looked at the ground, 
I didn't find the courage 
To follow your every step around. 

You are getting closer and closer to her 
And I feel like I'm running out of air. 
For you I remain an anonymous, 
and for me,
 You remain my unfulfilled dream.

 Something keeps me going, 
doesn't let me move, 
With my eyes full of tears, 
I'm trying to go to the bar. 

Alcohol doesn't help, 
but it can empower me
 To accept that reality,
 is not always the way
 we imagine it can be. 

They are getting closer, 
and after a dance, 
they are heading out,
 Probably because
 they need intimacy for talk. 

I will not let it ruin my evening, 
I will also dance
 and pretend am without problems. 

At one point our eyes intersected,
 We looked at each other 
for a few seconds and passed. 

I'm not going to ask you
 to get me out of the friend zone, 
Because maybe,
 that's your favorite place to keep me on. 

Dear heart, 
you must accept the situation,
 Love with force is not possible.
It is not easy to see the person
 for whom you have feelings 
Holding someone else's hand.

 I prefer you to be with another and think of me,
 Than you to be with me and think of another.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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