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Being a woman is not so easy, 
Too fragile would some say. 
But they are strong, 
They get up faster after every fall. 

Sometimes you wonder 
How you can gather so much power, 
And what makes you hope again? 

With the unhealed wounds, 
You don't give up until the end.
 Carpet of tears, regrets, failures, 
All build the super woman today. 

Sleepless nights, impossible situations, 
All the pain she felt, she put it away. 
Sensitivity and passion
 Make the difference .
And you can feel it, 
When it trembles close to your chest. 

She closes her eyes when kissing, 
Because she doesn't want to lose
 Any sensation your heart gives. 

She does not ask you for much, 
It is enough to love her honestly
 And treat her right. 

Only if you respect your mother
 You can respect another famale.
 Just think about how much pain 
Your mother endured 
When she gave you your life. 

The heroine who puts
 The life of a child above her life.

 Woman is the peace you need,
 When you feel lost
 And you only need two arms around. 

Her voice is gentle,
 She knows what to tell you, 
To not feel alone
 And be loved by someone. 

The woman is not superior, 
But there are still people 
Who consider her inferior. 

Give her a flower, 
Pay attention to her words, 
Because if you lose it,
 Yery hard you can bring it back. 

Kiss her forehead, 
Protect her with your arms,
 She is an angel 
Who makes many sacrifices, 
Give her wings.

 It will always call you to ask
 If you have eaten and where you are.
 Do not think that it stresses you,
 Because one day you will miss her calls. 

Kiss her before you go to work, 
Hold her hand,
 Never be ashamed of the person 
You fall in love. 

Men and women are people 
Made of the same dough, 
Soul mates, 
Warm hearts. 

By properly treating
 The people around you, 
You risk living the rest of your life Happily!


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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