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She is the only girl,
 Who changes your life after you meet. 
It disappears and appears,
 When don't expect on this.

 She smiles for everyone 
With her mouth,
 But only for someone, 
She smiles with all her heart.

 She leaves many questions behind, 
Because she speak only 
About what she wants. 

It is mysterious and changing
 Like the moon with the stars. 
It is intelligence,
 Because she does not put only her beauty
 On the foreground.

 She is educated,
 Has traveled a lot. 
She is curious, 
Prefers to listen more than to talk.

 She speaks to you with her eyes 
And listens to you with her brilliant mind.
 You could say that she is always busy, 
But she always makes time
For whom she thinks she deserves.

She is a child, she is a woman,
 She is a lady, she is a treasure.
 She often says she is better off alone,
 Because she has been disappointed. 

It's the kind of girl 
You can take out for a movie, 
And talk about it 
Until the next morning. 

In her small palms 
She can fit the whole world.
 It is a winner,
 It is all one can wish for, 
But not all can have. 

She is strong even when she cries. 
She is ambitious
 Even if everyone tells her she can't.

 You can hear many talking about her.
 There are many who try to conquer. 
Some with flowers, 
Others with words, 
But is not so easily impressed by 
This type of men. 

She is confident in 
And that brings her power.
 To be happy,
 I don't think she needs somebody. 

She knows how to always say nice words, 
To align, to be a muse for those in need, 
To show her sides,
 To create addiction around her. 

She likes to dance,
 She has her own rhythm, 
It can be a blessing, 
If you know how to lead her. 

She knows how to spark interest. 
With what sweet tone to speak, 
What gestures to use. 

I wrote these lyrics for a special girl,
 But I think any girl can identify with her.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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