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I feel so lonely sometimes, 
That I risk being a stranger in my life. 
I need so much love, 
That I got to make love 
With a shadow from my thoughts. 

I look back where I walked 
And I saw only dust. 
Only words that announce defeat. 

I miss being loved so much 
That I don't remember 
the last kiss I received. 

I see people holding hands, 
Speaking sweet words 
and promises for tomorrow.

 For me, tomorrow,
 it's just another day
 with the same routine. 

I go to concerts
 and I hear the artist saying,
 "Now is the time to hug your pairs." 
And I start to sigh and to wonder,
 If there is a half heart for me,
 Or exist only in movies 
or just for a few. 

It's hard to be loved, 
but who doesn't? 
Life is not just made of fairy tales. 

I close the door of the room
 and I feel again alone, 
Maybe just for another day 
or maybe for a lifetime. 

It's so cold my "I love you" on the lips 
Because I never used it again
 after you left.
 My fingers are frozen, 
I don't know how to handle. 

My eyes are wearing
 the winter of the past heavy way. 
There is no greater happiness 
than being happy,
 Having someone near you
 and being loved.


  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

  • Jun 19, 2020

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