Addicting As You Are, It's Our Fault Read Count : 5

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I knew what I was getting myself into. Every time I was with you I remembered the words you said about me. I knew I wasn't important to you but I suppose I wanted to be. 

No, I definitely wanted to be important to you. I wanted to be important to someone. 

Your kisses slowly became addicting as I felt your tongue caress my own. The fresh taste of rain, pure water, mangled in my mouth quenching the thirst I didn't know I had. 

It was blissful. I wanted to remain there. Not moving. Not detaching our lips. 

I knew you loved it too. What I didn't know was what you thought of it all. I wanted to know. I want to know. 

My naivety was blinding like the love I never felt. I began thinking that you might want me. That you could want for more than a sex partner. 

I get it. I'm just not that girl. After I walked away from you, I felt the chordae tendineae vibrate like a guitar string that has been struck. Yes my chordae tendineae in other words my heart strings. 

And yes, I was getting attached to you. 

I always get attached as much as I'd hate to admit it. Now I'll have to cut you off for some time like the drug u are. 

Now I will have to rebuild my Jericho walks around my mind and heart. 

I won't allow you, the addicting drug to run your exhilarating poison through my veins. 

I refuse to feel something for you. You showed me what I meant to you. You've always did but my nativety was as blind as the love you wouldn't give. 

I'm not angry with you. I'm not angry at me either because I gave into my carnal desires for sher passion. 

For sher sex. 

No I will not rebuke myself for enjoying it. I refuse. 

I blame us for going along with our carnal desires. 


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