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I sent a letter without destination,
 Because I do not know where you live.
 I wrote it with my tears.
The pen did not want to cooperate. 

I used my thoughts instead of paper. 
Memories are the witnesses of all.
 The distance separates us, 
But I send you my good thoughts. 

You do not know
 How many nights I spent writing, 
Letters that you will never read.
It was an impossible love 
That left me scars with which 
Sometimes it's hard to live . 

How do you feel today?
 hope you're happy in someone's arms.
 To be honest, 
Your happiness is more important 
That was mine.

 I hope the smile on your face won't go. 
I do not know if I will see you again, 
And if you see me, you can recognize.

 After all,
 I was just a stranger you drove away. 
This letter leaves me poison.
 Unrequited love is the most dangerous, You remain with a doubt
 That burns all your inside.

 What could I have done more? 
Nothing at all! 
With the force of destiny 
It is difficult to fight.


  • Jun 19, 2020

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