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There are two man we love from our birth. They are our parents. We love them first. Actually, we love our mom very much than dad. We always see mom's sadness. But father....!no....because of,many time he stay out of house,out of our sight. He never open  or unfold his sadness...

The second friend of our life after mom is dad...we say mom many time,"love you mom." But think that,when we say that"love you dad."....we can't do that...because, dad always running behind money sa that his child stay good,stay happy and live happily ever after....

Dad happy when we happy. He got oldness for his child. He love his child. 

Many time,we don't understand his anger,love,command. Then we behaves with him badly. Again, when he got old,we cannot care him. We behaves as he is out of our family members. 

In oldness, our parents become alone. They always wants that we can stay with them. 

Mom and dad love us very much. We never their loan repayment. So,we should care them like the way they did to us..... we never should distrub feel to see their behave.

I love you,dad...
I love mom...
In this world, i love you very much....💓💓💓

Help your father.... think,how he get happy...!at last, pray for them, "oh allah!care them like the way they care me in my childhood..."

Love you dad....❤❤❤

Written by Ayesha Siddiqa.... 

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  • Jun 19, 2020

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