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I don’t expect someone
 From the past to come back
 And no one from the future 
To come yet. 
I am just enjoying 
The pleasant moment, 
Knowing myself better.

  I shake my wounds, smiling, 
After all, I'm much stronger.
  I don't run after anyone,
 Because I know that street 
Wouldn't go anywhere.  

What is meant to be for me
 Will find a way ... 
For now, I rest behind the scenes
 Where I played a long time.

  Somehow I knew that everyone
 was in a hurry, 
Tracing my thoughts
 and then disappearing. 

 Loneliness does not taste so bad 
When you are a good company 
for yourself.  

It is better to keep a space
 In front of people
 who are not able to see your value,
 Believing that they are much higher Than they really are.

  Never lose your dignity for someone 
Who is never available. 
 Don't be an extra phone number
 In a phone that never attends your calls.  Everyone spends 24 hours a day, Depends only by priorities in fact ..


  • Jun 18, 2020

  • flawless u know what, expectation kills👍

    Jun 18, 2020

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>?????????? what the hwck dose the word out of my brain

    Jun 18, 2020

  • Mary maria Martha

    Mary Maria Martha


    Jun 18, 2020

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