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My little star, my passion 
My future, my red Candle in the
Dark,  the comforter the half moon 
Together in the dark we shine 

My love for you Is not just words 
But actions count, you are my half moon 
Together in the dark we shine
If love was measured by book I would 
be proud to use novels 

You're my little star , my half moon 
When you fall in love everything exist 
But they won't see anything, that goes beyond 
the fathoms of what the mind and body can 
even imagine. 

Indeed we shine in the darkness , can't compere 
You with the color of a 50c coin,  ur eyes are round, 
beautiful complete  moon early in the morning before 
the sun take part, imagine when You miss me surely
Imagination exist, 

Let's do something amazing coz I never feel someone 
the way I do to you, now I won't let your body go
In fact let's do Something that'll last forever, something 
never die, something strong and stronger coz I still need 
to feel your tarch 

They say if you love something you let it go, if was meant 
For you it'll return back, but if you stop watering a flower dies  
So how can I let you go.. ? I will let you go When Tom coaches 
Jerry, you know thats highly impossible to happen, that's 
Love you disserve 

Take me as I am coz I take you as you are, Everything I do, I do it for you, I lied for you and I cry for you be'coz of your beautiful, 
Your love, your haert  then how mast I suppose to live without
You...? I take you as my Queen (kumkanikazi), you are 
My everything in my life, you're my passion. 

By: Lucas mkhonto


  • Jun 18, 2020

  • Jun 18, 2020

  • Fab👍

    Jun 18, 2020

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