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What kind of love is
 That which does not last forever?  
What kind of lovers are those 
Who are not there for each other?  

What kind of plans do those
 Who want nothing last long? 
 What happens to those who die, 
And death separates them
 From their loved ones?  

What will happen to the entire universe,
 When love will no longer find the power
 To burn in our eyes? 

 How many of us have found true love
 And how many of us 
Are still looking for?  

We are made of love 
And from love we will die. 
 Yesterday we were children,
 Tomorrow we will be old.  

Our wings will hit the ground
 When we try to fly.  
But every shot we take ,
Will help us to grow.  

Love transforms our thoughts
 When it finds us in the morning,
 Embracing the person we love it.

  We must not run after love
 Because it will go away 
And we will not touch it again.
  And maybe love 
Is more to give than to keep,
 It is a right step ... 
It is all that our soul needs.


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    Jun 18, 2020

  • Jun 18, 2020

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