The Enchanted Key Read Count : 75

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

The parcel that had arrived today, contained an old key and a list of instructions to use it. The instructions was on an old age stained piece of paper. I had to barely open it the keep the edges from crumbling. Sitting on the front step of the ancient castle I read through the instructions. I had to squint my eyes to read the faded writing. 
Down below 
where the flowers grow
a stone will show!
I looked up with a worrisome look on my face. I was never good at riddles. Suddenly I heard little birds chirping a joyful song. Turning my head there was an old window I had never noticed before. On the frame was birds calling for there mother to feed them. Why haven't I noticed this before I wandered. Looking down I could tell there was a room but the window was so old and dirty. Weeds had overtaken most of it as they clung onto the castle climbing it higher and higher. I walked around the castle searching for some kind of entrance. Suddenly I was falling. I hit the ground with a thud only it wasn't the ground at all. Turning over I dusted my pants off. I could feel the aching all through my body from my fall. The ground was so much harder than it should of been. I got on my knees and started pulling the grass up and wiping the dirt away. There was a hidden door there. I began tugging at the door but it would not budge. I stood up wiping the dirt off the cloths and grabbed the handle as tight as I could. Pulling with all my might the door flew open sending me flying through the air. I hit the ground so hard I felt the breath leave my body. Coughing trying to gasp for air I laid there with my eyes closed. Was this really worth I began to think. Opening my eyes I pushed myself up looking at the wide open door leading to a dark nothingness. No turning back now I kept telling myself. Getting myself on my feet was hard because of the pain going through my body. Slowly I walked to the door. I could barely the top of what I could only assume was a steep stairway leading down to nothing. I shook my head and took a deep breath. No need to be afraid now I thought. I started walking down the dusty old stone steps. I could feel the spiderwebs all around me as I kept my hand on the wall not knowing what to expect. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I started walking forward until I bumped into something hard. Suddenly dim.lights around me started to grow. There was candles hanging in brass holders on all sides of the walls. They was old and dusty with dryed wax down the side from former use. My heart was pounding. How had they lit themselves?Looking down I realized I had ran into a table. On the old wooden table there was a book. I reached down shaking and pulled the book towards me. Opening the clasp I pulled the book open. Dust was falling everywhere as the pages tried to stick together from age. Inside was writing. Flipping through I noticed it was all a handwritten diary. I was so excited. Then I remembered the key. Down below where the flowers grow. This was it. This room was well beneath where the flowers grow. The last part "the stone will show". Looking around the room I realized the whole room is made of stone. I played the book down and walked slowly to the closest wall. I started feeling with each stone with both hands. They was so cold and dirty. I wasn't feeling long when my fingers came across something extremely unusual. It was even colder and harder but it was smooth. I rubbed all the dirt off of it and it was the shape of a key hole. This has to it be it I thought, pushing away any doubt I had in my mind. I reached in my pocket pulling the key out. The light was so dim I had to squint my eyes just to get the key in the hole. With one easy turn the rock popped open. I looked inside, all I could see was darkness. I hesitantly put my hand inside. I could feel more spiderwebs and dust tickling my hand. It sent shivers all over my body. Then I felt something different. I pulled it our off the hole. Another piece of paper. I slowly opened it up trying not to rip it. 
"The main entrance 
Where the skeletons lie.
To live here you must die.
In a vase is the secret place,
1808 to 1898 Grace!"

Wow, this was beginning to be a mystery. Just then a strong gust of wind swept through blowing out all the candles leaving me in pure darkness. I started breathing really hard. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Get it together I kept repeating to myself. I slowly put the papers and the key in my side pocket. Walking straight I ran once again into the table. I started feeling around until my hands was on the diary I had found. I picked it up slowly and held it against my chest as I tried to carefully make my way to the stairs. Suddenly I heard scurrying from behind me. I was so overcome with fear I took off running. I skipped every other step until I was safely outise. I dropped the book to the ground. I turned around and slammed the door shut. Standing there I finally realized I was no longer in danger. I fell to my hands and knees trying with everything in me to catch my breathe. Once I could breathe I stood up picking up the book. 


  • Jun 18, 2020

  • Jun 18, 2020

  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

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