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 Today I want to celebrate 
All my bad old days
When I felt like
 I was knocked down,
Touching the ground. 
 Feeling too empty inside.

  Nobody was there,
 But somehow,
I managed to survive.
  Now I know,
I got a little more stronger.

  My favorite color is my darkness. 
My words do not always want to run
In the same direction with someone. 

 Often, silence is the best response I received When something went wrong
And no one wanted to fix the problem. 

 After all, if you repair something
There is a possibility that
 It will no longer yield as before. 

 Maybe I lost an important part of myself,
Trusting people again is not so easy. 
I am victorious
 Even if the fight is not over,
I still breathing. 

As long as we are alive
We can take it from the beginning,
Making mistakes, succeeding,
Loving more intensely.


  • Jun 18, 2020

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