When I Met You Read Count : 10

Category : Poems

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When I met you, 
I already had a broken heart.  
But I loved you even so, 
And I still love you with all my heart.  

When I met you, 
I wanted everything to be different, 
But I understood your hesitation, 
You were still looking for another lover. 

 When I met you, 
I had so much to tell you.  
I even called a friend to tell her, 
About how special you were. 

 But you told me not to make plans with you
 Because you can't stay here, 
It was painful 
But I tried to understand you again.  

When I met you,
 My lungs hurt with every breath, 
Because I knew,
 Time was passing and I would not be able,
 To see you again. 

 When I met you, 
I felt like time was moving fast.
I hope you can forgive me,
 For not being able to forget you.


  • Jun 18, 2020

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