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When we remember, 
How many things we lost,
 Things that never belonged to us. 
 We abandoned tears
 That drowned our hearts. 

 People who don’t longer say “Hello”
 Have chosen to keep us
 In the memories only. 

 The fight will never be enough
 If it is not followed by the win. 
 Do not shoot the hearts of those
Who have feelings. 
Who have feelings for you.

Insomnia turned all nights into my first day,
When I thought we met to stay. 
 But I probably didn’t say
The things you wanted to hear. 

I meet young people on the street
Holding hands
and looking into each other's eyes. 

 I would like to see them again over the years,
When they will be grandparents
But with the same love for each other. 

Time leaves traces,
 Wind leaves confusion. 
But no one can take me
 What really belongs to me. 


  • Jun 17, 2020

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