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 I lost myself to save your soul. 
 I lost my mind trying to change the world. 
 I didn't catch up the road to heaven. 
Whatever I do, I'm hit with denials. 

I feel confused with these selfish feelings
That scream loudly
To save me from the beginning. 

It is a heavy rain between us,
 A poor communication without words. 
 My soul is trapped in your imaginary cage, 
From which I cannot find the easiest escape.

  I always seek healing in the arms of the Person who ends up hurting me so bad. 
Love in moderate quantities is a medicine,
 But sometimes it is an incurable disease.

 If they play, you will pay with tears. 
Parts of you always remain uncovered. 
Because you are afraid to feel
With all your powers. 

You always use the same words
And I don’t find the truth
Between these thin lines. 

 I threw the pain in flames,
Because I promised it was the end.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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