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Tell me the truth 

Tell me, will you still be there for me
When everything around starts to burn? 
Or will you leave to save yourself
And throw me into hell?

  Will you still hold my hand
 After the first fight?
  Or will it be more important for you
 To always be right? 

Will you hide things from me
That you don't want to know? 
Will you tell me beautiful lies
So you won't let me go? 

Will you tell me you love me
 And show the opposite? 
 If I will give you my whole heart,
 Will you laugh after you break it?

  Will you pick me up after I hit the ground?
  Or will you let me breathe near your feet
Until I get warm? 

Will I be the first choice for you
 Or another option? 
A relationship of a lifetime
Or just another passion? 

 Only time will detect true love,
Appreciate what you have until it is gone.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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