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I was there when you were sad,
When you felt bad ...
I was always there,
But you were too busy to see me instead.

I tried to get closer,
 More closer to you,
But you built gigantic walls
 So that I wouldn't win the war.

I felt guilty for a while
because I felt helpless,
But in the end I understood,
 That insistence will not make a difference.

 I wanted to be the smile
 That shed all your tears.
 That hope that the future
 Is better than a dream.

The hand that gives you stability
 When the body is exhausted.
I wanted to be that hug
That warms your heart every night
 As long as it lasts.

But some things we want
 We can never have.

An imprint remains in my memory:
 "What would it have been like?"
An answer I will never find out...


  • Jun 17, 2020

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