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Mariah and I land on a roof.

"Ouch!" Complained Mariah.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I hit my neck", said Mariah, showing me.

I kissed Mariah's neck.

"Kanisha!" Mariah blushed.

"What a cute couple", said A voice.

"That voice", said Mariah.

"You are the person that trapped us before, who are you?" I figured out.

"Somebody that you see as an enemy", said The voice.

"Then, come out", said Mariah.

"Why? You want to avenge Maria, who betrayed me", said The voice.

"You're her boss", I said, as my eyes widened.

"I am, and I'm afraid you won't be seeing her", said The voice.

"Why you!" We complained.

A man who has long dark blue hair, white skin, dark blue eyes, wearing sunglasses on his head, black trench coat, blue shirt, black jeans and white boots appears.

"Hello", said The man.

"Why would you bring us here?" asked Mariah and I.

"Because I like to challenge couples", said the man with evil eyes.

"Well, try your best", I challenged The man with a white aura around me.

The man smiles.

"You are a brave soul, I'm guessing you are the dominant one in this relationship", said The man.

The man puts out his hand, glows, and says "So I will get rid of you".

The blue blasts came toward us.

"Kanisha! Move out of the way!" Mariah warns me.

I kiss her on the cheek, then I get hit, I smile as I disappear.

"Kanisha!" called Mariah, once I disappear.

Mariah has a purple aura around her, and looks at the man, and says "What have you done with her?" 

"The same I did with Maria", said The man.

"You...I'll kill you", said Mariah.

Mariah flies into the air, makes her scepter appear, spins it and sends purple spikes to the man.

The man touches the spikes and destroys them.

"Oh, this is going to be fun", said the man.

"Bring it on", said Mariah.

"Maybe I miscalculated", said The man.

Mariah and The man continue fighting.

I landed in a place with a sand storm passing by.

"Where am I? Maria! Are you here?" I called.

"Kanisha…" Maria called weakly, while on the ground.

"I heard my name, Maria! I'm coming", I said.

Maria passes out.

I spin through the storm shielding my eyes, then grabs Maria.

Once I grabbed Maria, sand gathered and became a sand monster.

"Ah! A monster", I said, unfazed.

I run from the monster, the monster tries to touch me, but it's hand turns to ice and breaks.

The monster screams.

"Ha! Sucker", I laughed.

The monster keeps chasing after us.

Maria is giving off a purple aura, which I noticed.

"Maria, are you alright?" I asked.

Maria touches my face.

The monster tries to attack us again, but this time loses a leg.

"You should know, my fiery spirit will destroy you", I said.

That doesn't stop the monster and keep trying to get us.

Finally, I turn into a fireball, Maria kicks me to the monster, and the monster completely disappears.

I landed on the ground and caught Maria.

Maria opens her eyes.

"Kanisha, thank you, but I can't make a portal appear", said Maria.

"It's okay", I said.

The ground shakes, and a teleportation machine appears.

"Because of that", I said.

I run to the teleportation machine, the portal opens, and we enter the portal.

 Mariah looks tired and scratched up.

The man smiles, then sees the portal open.

Once the portal opens I'm walking with red eyes with Maria behind me, I'm looking like a killer.

I ran to the man, jumped into the air, made a bow and arrow appear, then hit him a bunch of arrows and the man fell down.

"Kanisha!" exclaimed Mariah, with a smile and sparkly eyes.

Mariah and I hug and kiss.

"Awww!" smiled Maria, looking better.

The man slowly gets up, taking arrows out of his body.

But, before anything could happen, he gets sliced by a giant ax and the man disappears.

The person that is holding the ax is Clay.

"Clay!" Mariah, Maria, and I gasped.

"Sup, sorry it took me so long", said Clay, leaning on the ax.

"You know how to use weapons?" I asked.

"Duh! I have to take care of a half devil and half angel, who have no control over their powers", said Clay.

"I didn't need that kind of response", I said, sourly.

"I was just answering your question", said Clay.

Clay's phone rings, Clay answers "Hello, El, really? Are you sure? Alright, bye".

Clay looks at us with a smile.

"What?" I asked.

"El invited us to a picnic", said Clay.

"We get to meet your boyfriend?" asked Mariah.

"Hmmm…" I said.

Clay, Maria, Mariah, and I land by a park and see El: a boy who has short red hair, blue jeans, and yellow shoes with blue stripes.

"El!" smiled Clay.

"Hi, Clay", said El, with a warm smile.

Clay hugs El and kisses him on the lips.

"Seeing him kiss so sweetly is odd", I said.

"I can be sweet", said Clay.

"I'm El Sugimoto, nice to meet you, Angel/Kanisha, and Mari/Mariah, you as well, Maria", El smiled, in Clay's arms.

"So, you know everything about us?" asked Mariah.

"Yeah", said El.

"Why Clay?" I asked, looking serious.

"Love at first sight", El smiled.

I shrugged my shoulder.

"Why did you two fall in love?" asked El.

"We're childhood friends", Mariah and I told El.

"So, we're both part of romance cliches", El pointed out.

"True, Love at first sight and childhood friends turned lovers", Mariah nodded.

"You loved him even though he is a playboy", I said to El.

"Yeah, my friends told me I was a fool and not to fall in love with him, but I couldn't stop my feelings", said El.

"I know, just how I feel, people were against me falling for Kanisha", said Mariah, putting her hand on El's hand.

"Really?" asked El, then saw me blushing.

"Yeah, a lot of boys had a crush on me and they were against us dating along with adults", I admitted.

"So, you call me a playboy", said Clay.

"Unlike you, I didn't mess around boys for fun, it felt like a curse for me", I said.

"Did you always know how much you love each other?" asked Maria.

"No", Mariah and I told Maria.

"Could you show us more of your relationship in the past?" asked Maria.

"How far in past?" asked Mariah.

"When you first met", said Maria, as she twisted her hair.

"Fine", said Mariah.

"But, we don't know how to use that much magic", I pointed out.

"Just kiss and concentrate", said Maria.

Mariah and I kiss each other on the lips, then a giant purple/white wind appears and takes all them away.


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