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You want me to just forget about it, 

I can’t ignore what’s had happened 

it’s doesn’t make it go away, 

you don’t want me to think the year of 2019

this pain it’s inside my stomach 

deeply painful I know the reason 

why I’m in deeply in pain, 

if wasn’t for all the pain 

I been throughout my entire life, 

I won’t be in all lot of pain. 

Why this has happened to me? 

I thought it was something 

cause me to feel this kind of pain, 

I was having a lot of stress recently

it’s keep adding up the more 

stress I’m having, 

the pain won’t go away 

when I have a stress coming up. 

Can you see what you did to me recently? 

My stomach begin to ache so badly 

my forehead begin to sweat 

begin to feel warm and hot

that’s the sign, 

I was having a lot of pressure 

you're putting on me

wish you have known this about me, 

I’m your girlfriend 

you’ve made it easy on me. 

How come you put pressure on me? 

If things give me a hard time 

you’ve known my limits 

I want you to understand, 

how my stress have occurred

if you truly love and care about me,

you’ve known how it’s affect me by now. 

Could you know this about me? 

Whatever you say or do 

its gets under my skin 

I will begin feel like, 

heavy stone weighing me down, 

I still love you just aware of it

you’re squeezing me so hard. 


  • Jun 17, 2020

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