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I have always set my heart free 
To find someone who will bring happiness. 
 But each time, returned with scars,
 From people who always betrayed. 

 They usually hide many sides
From the beginning, 
And play the wrong role
 In search of "good partners". 

Usually true love does not hurt,
Only people who are not able to love. 
How can you offer love to others
 When you are not able to give yourself,
 The love you always wanted to receive? 

 I closed my eyes
That you might not see
The suffering you caused to me. 

 Another powerful blow to my face,
 Once again my confidence is lost. 
Maybe that shock, 
Brought me back to life. 

It is said that what does not kill you,
Makes you much stronger. 
 Life is too short to spend it
 With drugs, smoke and harmful stronger.

  I turned my feet
 To things that really matter.
  We will not live forever
Without anything created. 

Today we are 10 years old
And tomorrow one hundred.
  As long as love is not gone,
I still trust that one day, 
I will live in a better world.


  • Jun 17, 2020

  • Jun 17, 2020

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