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Another day has passed with you in my mind.
 Although it has been so long since I saw you,
 You still know how to keep your place.

With the phone in hand,
I would like to ask, if you are doing well,
But I do not want to disturb again.

I wonder, what would happen,
 if I could see you one day?
Would I be for you just a stranger
With whom you share the same air?

 Before we sent thousands of messages,
The first message was always "Good morning"
at 4 midnight.
The last message was at 10 pm with "Good night".

It's like we talked so much,
That now we have nothing to talk about.
Time has to deal with it,
 I think that's his job.

I was left with a trembling heart
 And many questions about the day of "yesterday".

 No one will understand me,
 They think I'm out of mind.
 But they didn't feel
What I felt about you.
And although I wanted peace,
 You brought me the storm.

I gave you the opportunity to know me
As I really am,
 And after I opened up in front of you,
You let me to die.

You know? It really hurts
When someone lets you fall,
 I always hid that tear under my smile.

But it still hurts,
it hurts more and more.
And I hope one day
It won't hurt you the same.


  • Jun 17, 2020

  • Jun 17, 2020

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