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I cannot make the same promises to myself 
That I have heard so many times.
 I cannot promise the moon,
When I am not even able to reach the sun.

Things change quickly,
With them we change ourselves.
 I do not like to make plans, 
That I can never bring to life.

I always stay where I find enough reasons to do it,
 I want to feel comfortable and not to bother you.

 All lies in one place will never replace a good truth.
That's why it's not good to risk your confidence too soon.

I gave you everything, more than I had.
Loyal to you, I cheated on myself.
Can you hear news from heaven?
Here, people judge
 Before listening their own story.

I want to find my oasis of peace away
 From the wars.
The future is waiting for me,
 I have released the past.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring me,
But today I want to taste
 A piece of the happiness
 That will remain between...


  • Jun 17, 2020

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