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Time out 

In a room too cold to live in it,
 I need your breath to be able to breathe.  
Please, put the mask aside, 
I want to find out who you really think you are. 

 Why do you follow my thoughts 
And force me to write 
About you day by day,
 In every night? 

 I feel threatened by what I feel.
 An extra touch is all I need. 
 Dancing with your shadow, 
I'm out of mind. 
 Is this a sweet dream or a reality behind?

  The moon hides all the stars behind the tent,
 What can I do? 
 To run or to wait?
  Only when you hold me in your arms,
 Do you make me strong enough to survive.  

The traces of your lips 
Have tattooed all my skin, 
I am still human, 
Trembling to the ground.  

These thousands of whispers
 Covered each ear,
 Like spicy rain filled with tears in September. 

 Time is out, 
it will be that night they will never forget ... 
And for me,
 I think it's time to wake up.


  • Jun 17, 2020

  • You're amazing and deserve thr very best!! 💞

    Jun 17, 2020

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