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We have become two old phone numbers, 
Like two souvenirs,
Without any connection between them.

Every time I tried to approach you,
 You always found a way to throw me.
 Sometimes it hurts as hell
 To stay in the wrong place,
Rather than run, find an escape.

But it doesn't matter,
I wish you all the best.
For me nothing was left,
 Only a violent storm that hits my eyes
And knocks me to the ground.

Time flies and maybe one day
 We will sit at the same table
Enjoying a coffee,
 And sharing the emotions that have burned.
My own for you and yours for another.

We are the sum of the mistakes
 We will repeat until we learn the lesson,
Losing our identity
 That made us invincible.

We are naked inside,
With broken hearts,
We have lost years and tears,
My own for you and yours for another.

 In this way the heart
Hurts when it loses its connection
With rationality.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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