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Retrospective of life

 We are the sum of the events 
that have marked our existence
 from childhood to the golden age.

 Life is the only route I have traveled
 with my eyes tied, 
Always based on what I really feel. 

How happy can we be when we think
 that our heart will not beat forever?

 'Forever' takes the form of a hug, 
A kiss you share with your lover.
 No! Please don't promise me
 that you will be here tomorrow,
 Because no one has a guarantee
 that there will be life after this evening. 

Hoping for the best, 
but always expecting the worst. 
Give me your hand and let's run ... 
Let's hide and dance until our legs hurt. 

We are breaking other rules, 
because tonight, 
Life will only play by my rules!
 The words roll in the darkness 
'cause have lost their meaning.

 Happiness deserve only powerful heartbeats 
which can save moments that really matter.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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