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He said goodbye to me on the telephone, 
Then wrote me a message,
 That he could no longer continue 
This kind of relationship.

  After almost 7 years, 
A simple "goodbye" was not enough.  
He was sorry,
 But his apology was worthless for my life. 

 We saw each other again to share things,
 I couldn't meet his gaze. 
I wasn't ready to see that his eyes,
 Could no longer look at me with love.  

He said goodbye on the telephone, 
And that hit my heart. 
 He didn't have the courage to talk about it. 
 Only cowards do that.  

I couldn't stop him,
 Love by force doesn't exist. 
 He said goodbye on the telephone,
 After so many years spent together,
 That's all I could get.

 There was nothing more I could do.
  The years passed, 
He wrote to me again a message
 To give us another chance.

 But it was no longer possible, 
Because I was no longer
 The same person he knew.  

He said goodbye on the telephone, 
And that hurt.
  He didn't have the courage 
To talk about it face to face.

 He probably had no reason to stay.  
And I had no reason to get it back.
He said goodbye on the telephone,
 Only cowards do that.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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