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When we were born, 
We all received a no-return ticket
 That we will have to use,
 When we have to leave this world 
To reach a new destination.  

I will release my wings,
 So that I can finally fly free, 
To live longer with less pain,
 But much happier.

  I don't know what will be left of my body 
When the soul abandons it,
 But my spirit will be far,
 Too far away for someone to reach me. 

 They will be left behind,
 The messages I wrote,
 The words I said,
 The love I shared, 
The tears that flowed on the floor. 

 Maybe one of my friends
 Will remember me,
 I will leave with the guitar to sing 
To the angels in heaven.  

The memories will remain with them,
 The kisses divided in two,
 The long and sweet hugs, 
Nothing will be the same.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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