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(The opening shows a boy who has short brown fuzzy hair, brown eyes, brown eyebrows, wearing clear pink cat ears, brown glasses, pink cat whiskers, brown vest, brown shirt, necklace with three beads, brown pants, and brown shoes, Firedog - a dalmatian with a firefighter hat, half ripped neck, 

Spongebob stuff toy, 

G.G.: Cat stuff animal,

Blaster - an eevee stuffed animal 

Slushy - a husky dog stuff animal. 

Sakura -a Sakura figurine with the outfit from Cardcaptor Sakura clear card, and Camila - a girl who has big blue fuzzy hair, glasses, wearing a brown jacket, orange/brown shirt with a star on the shirt, brown shorts, and brown shoes sitting on a bed.

Kurama - small figure from Yu Yu hakusho 

The opening starts with a piano playing.

The opening switches to Jackson flying in an airplane in the bedroom, Camila is opening the bedroom door,  

G.G. is rolling around the bed, 

Firedog looking out the window, 

Blaster is running in a straight path,

Sakura spins around her scepter, and Spongebob is looking at TV.

Kurama reveals a rose whip.

Yuna has long dark purple hair, wearing a red shirt, blue skirt taking a picture of her with her dolls.

Hope: a girl who has long blue hair, wearing a red cloak and red hat coming through  the window on a flying broomstick.

Yuna is blushing, while looking at J7: a boy who has short blue hair, wearing a white lab coat, red shirt, blue jeans, and shoes.

Hope is flying on a broomstick with her hands that has purple aura and blasts a skeleton dragon.

The main characters are skating on the ice.

Yuna is riding with Hope on the flying broomstick.

Camila is singing at karaoke.

Jackson is on the dancing floor.

Firedog and Blaster are running through the fields.

G.G. is running.

Kurama is holding flowers.

Spongebob is laughing with a smile.

J7 having Yuna's head on his lap.

Yuna is spinning Hope with a smile

Opening ends with Hope flying out the house, then a picture shows Yuna, Hope, Spongebob, Sakura, G.G, Firedog, Kurama, Blaster, Jackson, and Camila in front of the house)

(The episode opens with Yuna sleeping with messy hair)

(The screen switches to Jackson, Spongebob,Sakura, Camila, Kurama, Blaster, Firedog, and G.G on the dresser, and Hope comes through the window)

(Hope looks at the dolls and smile, then gets out her wand from her cloak and taps each of the dolls)

(The wand releases a purple aura in the shape of a heart, and makes the dolls levitate over Yuna)

(Hope taps Yuna's shoulder, and Yuna blinks her eyes)

Yuna (sleepily): Who are you?

Hope: I'm Hope, I'm a witch.

Yuna: (eyes widened) (gets up)A Witch!

Hope: A good witch (points up with one finger)

(Yuna looks up and sees Her stuff animals levitating above her)

Hope: Don't worry, something will happen (points) Look.

(Yuna looks and sees each of her stuff animals moving)

Yuna: What? They're moving!

Hope: I told you, I'm a witch.

(Yuna stands on her bed and tackles/hug Hope)

Yuna (hugging Hope): Thank you! Thank you!

Hope: Your Welcome.

A voice: I want a hug too.

(Yuna turns around to see Firedog, G.G, Jackson, Spongebob, Sakura, and Camila moving. Firedog is jumping, G.G is rolling, Jackson is looking at a picture frame, Sakura is spinning her scepter with her finger, Spongebob walks around the bed, Kurama is smelling flowers, and Camila follows Spongebob around)

Yuna: My dream has come true (holds her arms out) Firedog

(Firedog jumps on Yuna and licks her)

Yuna: That tickles (holds Firedog) You have a real tongue, cool, but how?

Hope: My magic adds odd stuff.

Yuna: Oh I'm not complaining, I'm happy (hugs Hope halfway) Firedog thanks her

(Firedog licks Hope)

Hope: Your Welcome.

(Blaster is on Yuna's head) 

Yuna: We should (looks at the window)

Sakura (by Yuna): What should we do?

(The screen shows Yuna looking at J7 with hearts in her eyes)

G.G: It's the boy she likes

Blaster: Oh! I have always wanted to meet him

Spongebob (lifts the window up): I can fix that.

Blaster: Perfect (runs with flame aura around him and lands on the ground by J7)

Yuna: Blaster!

Sakura (on her wand): Wait! For me (flies away)

(The screen goes to J7)

J7: You are Yuna's stuff animals, and your alive

Sakura (flying): Yup, and we got to say thank you

J7: Why?

Blaster: Because You take such good care (mouth covered and gets picked up)

Yuna (concerned) (hugs Blaster): Oh! Baster

Blaster: Yuna, i'm sorry, did I scare you?

Yuna: Don't ever run out of the window without thinking.

Blaster: I won't I promise.

Yuna (kisses Blaster on the cheek): Good

J7 (putting his hand on his mouth): You care so deeply about your stuffed animals, so touching.

Yuna (blushes): Yeah, I do.

Hope (flying beside Yuna): Oh, he's cute

Yuna (jumps): Ah! Hope

Hope: You like him, huh?

J7 (confused): Like?

Yuna (blushed): Well, I...I...I

J7 (smiles): It's okay, after all I like you too

Yuna (blushes redder): You do (fainted)

(Spongebob catches Yuna)

J7: I overdid it.

Hope: Seems so

J7: So, why is a witch like yourself here?

Hope: I could ask you the same Mr. Fox demon.

Yuna: Fox demon? (Looks at J7) What's she talking about?

J7: Well 

(A bright light appears around J7, J7 has fox ears, orange school outfit and black shoes, fox tail)

(Yuna gasped)

Blaster: Who would've guessed?

Yuna: (pointing to J7) You're a fox demon?! (Sparkly eyes) So, cool!

J7: You're not afraid.

Yuna (sparkly eyes): Are you kidding? Nothing would make me afraid of you.

J7: I should've expected, you always were talking about supernatural things.

Yuna: Yeah, so you were a fox demon this whole time 

J7: Yeah, i'm older than you expected. I believe in human years, I'm 400 years old.

Yuna: Oh (looking depressed)

G.G: You just crushed her right (then sees Yuna ran away)

Spongebob (runs): Yuna! Wait!

Firedog: Thanks a lot (runs after Yuna)

J7: She really did like me.

Hope: You knew and you did that to her.

J7: I was going to tell her, until a certain witch showed up

(Hope blushed)

Hope (puts her head down): I'm sorry

J7: It's my fault for hoping this would work like I wanted.

(Yuna is with her stuff animals at the park)

Yuna: I knew I was a fool to have a crush on him

Firedog: You couldn't have known this

Yuna: I know.

G.G: Don't worry about him, think about it, you met a witch and we're alive.

Yuna: I know it's unbelievable.

Spongebob: Guys, I have a crazy idea

Sakura: What kind of crazy?

Jackson: He looks like goona explode.

Camila: Before you do, tell us the idea.

Spongebob: Yuna, have your card on you

(Yuna reached into her pocket and reveals a red card)

Camila.: (gasps) You mean going on a trip.

Yuna (sparkly eyes): A trip! (Looks and shows her phone) How about the anime festival.

Sakura (jumps): That's great

Blaster: After all, we would totally fit in.

Kurama: Since, some of us are based on anime characters.

Sakura: That's true

Yuna (flying mid-air) (with hearts in her eyes): Let's go.

(Camila gives Spongebob a high five)

Hope (flying the broomstick): Yuna! Yuna! Yuna!

J7: She's gone.

Hope: Where could she have gone?

J7: To the anime festival (reveals a ticket)

Hope (eyes widened): Oh no! Not that place again (turns white as a ghost)

(The episode ends with Yuna and friends taking a bus)


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