Defenselessness Against Toxic People And Loneliness Read Count : 13

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Defenselessness is such an agonising and horrific state. About their clout, mana and prominency ebbing your verisimilar painful yawp..... about their compeers instead of revealing their faults to them encourage them to continue their dreadful and macabre acts to enliven their malicious and rakehell minds completely lacking perspicacity and prenotion! 
These minds are peccant but should they be scourged ? No!!! These minds are afflicted and invalided! Once u savvy and perceive it like this .... their acts can never put a whammy on you !
After watching Taylor swift scandal and her glory afterwards all i know is no matter how much people express acrimony or acidness or mordancy..... you only need to embrace and fondle yourself ! You need to find something to keep you elated and happy .....  like a hobby which can b3 dancing , singing or anything .....
It takes one person only one person to believe in you and if there is no one else .... be that person for yourself! Yes I can ! And I will ! And I will keep myself happy... easiest way to do this is to find a hobby ! Something that can entertain and encourage you at the same time ... some thing that can sidetrack you from forsakenness and forlornness and savage and viperous people !
That's it ! 



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