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   In a small country known for it's lush vegetation, there is a plague of famine in West Africa. Many families are facing a potentially difficult time. Food is scarce, and prices have skyrocketed to nearly unaffordable costs for it's residents. Children in this country are suffering physically and developmentally making it difficult for them to ward of predators such as Hyenas and Leapords. Which who are also seeking to hunt for food due to the shortage since 2016.
   As to my knowledge, their government has not enacted measures to its civilians to help free them from it's difficult time. It's troubling worldwide the number of countries that are in need and need attention brought to them individually. Worldwide many of these countries are overlooked leading to the extinction of thousands of lives before any attention is brought to them.  Beneath the forests and rivers, the children are crying out in hunger. These people have have suffered trials of constant shortage due to weather, poor xonditions, and a weak response from other countries. Is it not the duty to aid our neighbors as Jesus Christ asked? Reach out to these small countries and find ways to help them. If there is a willing heart, start a movement to reach out to the small overlooked countries in need of our help during these strenuous times.


  • Jun 17, 2020

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