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I know we’ve been talking 

with each other yesterday 

in the afternoon, 

I have known that you have final, to finish 

want some time being alone. 

Can I just give you space to breathe? 

I’m trying my best as I could 

to be a good girlfriend to you,

I been in my bedroom for hours 

wish, I can talk to you again. 

Could I stop thinking about you?

I can’t help myself not to think 

about you, you been in my head 

for months, 

I should wait calmly 

until you’re free to talk to me, 

I’ll keep waiting as long 

you want me to. 

Can I do something else to pass the time? 

Whatever I was doing 

its makes me to think of you, 

I’m out of my mind 

can’t take you out of my head, 

it’s hard for me to wait that long 

I’m willing to wait until you tell me, 

“ I’m free to talk with you by text or by 

video chat at 8:30 at night”. 

I will keep on waiting until that day 

to arrive, for right now I’ll keep on 

praying that day, will come you’re 

always going to be in my head and 

in my heart. 

Why can I be more patient with you? 

I’m out of my mind

when, I’m the first person 

send message to you, 

if I was bothering you 

tell me directly instead 

of telling it to her, 

I’m kneeling on my knees 

please tell me straight to my face 

I rather want you tell me 

not with her. 

Why am I so dramatic? 

I’m out of my mind 

can’t stop thinking about you,

one hit of chemistry of love 

I couldn’t take you out of my mind, 

I’m trying my best not to disturb you 

as much as I could. 


  • Jun 17, 2020

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